As your organization grows, the need for qualified training of new and existing staff remains a critical factor in this new era of healthcare. Within the evolving healthcare ecosystem, the concept of consumerism implies that people independently gather and rationally evaluate information [health-related] for making optimal decisions about what services they wish to consume.

With regards to consumer health, it can be defined as creating the environment for the availability and access to current and accurate health related information for patients, clinicians, caregivers and families to review; thus, having access to this data allows participants to become more directly involved with their own health care decisions and even more comprehensive discussions with the clinicians.

As a result, understanding the new coding guidelines is essential for health information professionals to obtain for their facilities and careers alike.  That is why DML provides up-to-date training services for its existing clients, in order to meet the demand of onboarding new staff members and refreshing the knowledgebase of existing staff.

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